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week commencing 13th april

Tuesday 14th April

Writing a poem

Today your activity is to write a reflective poem. This could be about what you have been up to over Easter or what is going on around the world at the moment. I have attached a PowerPoint with some ideas.

Spelling Activity

First spelling session for you here! It is an elicitation task to see what you know. There are audio files here for you to listen to if you haven't got someone who can read the spellings out to you. Remember you need to download the PowerPoint to be able to hear the audios.


Thursday 16th April

I have attached a grammar paper for you to have a go at completing. You have 45 minutes to complete it. If you have a printer and you want to print the paper out you can, however, it might be easier to just write your answers for each question in your activity book that you have been using. I will leave it up to you. Like I have done with the spellings I will upload the mark scheme tomorrow so you can go through and see how you have got on.

Mr Turner

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