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week commencing 11th may

Literacy Activities

Spelling Activities

This week we are continuing with our focus on 'fer'. Today, error correction: look at the spellings and decide why they're wrong before correcting them. If you are using Google Classroom do not forget to mark your work as 'done' in classwork and attach/send us your work.

Have a good day!

Miss Edwards


Monday 11th May

In today's lesson, you are going to plan a diary-based around chapter 4 of the book Odysseus. I have also attached a word document that you can plan your diary on if you like. You will need to read/listen to chapter 4 by reading the story on the PowerPoint or clicking on the link and listening to the audio clip.

Wednesday 13th May

Today's lesson is based around reading chapter 4 and 5 of the book Odysseus. Once you have read the chapter there is then a Kahoot quiz to have a go at. I have also attached a PowerPoint that has both of the chapters on so you can read through them before having a go.

Mr Turner

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