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Curriculum Intent, implementation and impact

Pilton Bluecoat Academy School Curriculum

Life, Love and Learning to the Full


Our aim is to provide a curriculum that raises children's personal aspirations by providing them with the skills, knowledge, understanding and vocabulary to realise their ambitions. 

Pilton Bluecoat Academy's curriculum is built on a foundation of skills that are practised, and extended each year, and on knowledge and vocabulary that informs and enriches understanding.  Through our ‘Big Event’ curriculum, all children have wide curricular experiences that broadens their horizons and deepens their learning. 

The context of our curriculum for the coming year will continue to revolve around our core commitment to our teaching and learning ethos that gives a focus to active and real learning, designed to engage and motivate the children and provide enjoyable and immersive learning experiences. 


The learning journey is mapped out year by year, subject specific content ensures there is clear progression, consolidation and extension of skills and knowledge.  We strive to teach subjects using a cross-curricular approach ensuring that learning is connected, relevant and purposeful. 

Themed weeks and immersion days raise the profile of subjects and areas of learning and provides children with new experiences, as well as opportunities to enrich and deepen learning.


Our curriculum provision helps to create engaged, inquisitive, happy children, who work well collaboratively and independently using a broad range of skills, an improving vocabulary and academic knowledge.  Children will have improved aspirations for their futures, and they will be equipped with the skills, knowledge and vocabulary that will enable them to reach these aspirations.

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