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Trip to Carymoor Environmental Centre

As part of this terms "What a load of rubbish" theme we visited Carymoor Environmental Centre in Somerset

Carymoor Environmental Trust

As part of our ‘Big Event’ curriculum we visited Carymoor Environmental Trust in Somerset where the children were able to see a landfill site in operation and comprehend how large an area of land needs to be to receive the waste.  The older children learnt many interesting facts about how the landfill system worked and discovered new words like methane and leachate!  The younger children were able to make handmade paper from recycled paper and learnt more about recycling whilst being pirates!  The visit to Carymoor and the workshops completed were not only successful on the day but have instigated a lot of discussion.  This was a really worthwhile trip to help make our curriculum and the children’s learning fit into the real world.  The children have been inspired to think about the impact waste has on our planet.

Please see the Gallery for more photographs of our day at Carymoor.